Casey Denner

Casey DennerCasey, aged 22 from Port Talbot, joined the Computer Science department at Swansea in 2013 on the 4-year MEng computing scheme and excelled both academically and in extra-curricular activities throughout her studies. Casey has now graduated with the highest grade-average of her cohort of Masters students.

Casey’s third year and fourth year projects were both exceptional pieces of work that highlighted ways that computing can help people living with chronic health problems. She looked at the problems in providing entertainment for people living with dementia in care homes and designed and built a fabric book for them to use that promoted reminiscence therapy- the therapeutic recall of past events and experiences.

Speaking about her time at Swansea University Casey said: “I really enjoyed my time at Swansea University. Even though I knew nothing about computer science when I started, the lecturers were very helpful as were my classmates. The lecturers were also very approachable and it felt more like friend-to-friend conversations as opposed to teacher/student. I'd advise all students to make the most of their time off in the summer and get some experience through internships or similar jobs. I did this and it led to me receiving a few job offers before I'd even finished university."

Ffion Williams


My journey with Swansea university started three years ago when I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on the Computer Science Foundation degree programme. I had recently started an IT business liaison role, and a co-worker who was already enrolled on the programme encouraged me to apply for a place. With a degree in Tourism, Management & French - and no IT related qualifications - I wasn't sure if I would be out of my depth on a Computer Science course. Each module of the course was challenging in its own way, and during the first few weeks I started to question whether I'd made the right decision to start the course. Working full time and attending university one afternoon and evening a week was at times challenging, but thanks to the stimulating content and the high quality of the lecturers, I began thriving on the programme so much so that I gained a distinction grade and was delighted to even be awarded the prize for the top student in my class.

I was so inspired by the course that I decided that I wanted to pass on my knowledge of Computer Science to the next generation of computer scientists. Less than a month after earning my FdSc in Computer Science, I began my secondary Computing & ICT PGCE course! I'm really excited to work with these young students and inspire them to become the digital creators of the future.

During the Foundation Degree, I became aware of the Technocamps programme and the great work that it does with schools across Wales. I was fortunate enough to attend some of their events that really show-cased the great work they do. As a result, I have decided to spend the enhancement week of my PGCE course with the team at Technocamps. This is something that I am really looking forward to and I am sure that I'll have another great experience with them.

I have had some fantastic experiences and opportunities to enhance my professional development over the last three years thanks to the Foundation Degree programme and Technocamps.

Kaushalya Kularatnam


After completing my undergraduate degree in computer science at Swansea University I moved to the industry briefly and then went on to read a masters at the University of Oxford. Currently I work for the London Stock Exchange Group within their technology sector.

I found my time as an undergraduate at Swansea extremely rewarding and enriching. Wales was also very new to me and this added to the varied and interesting experiences I had whilst at University. Highlights include the excellent quality of teaching at the Computer Science faculty, the high calibre of research, lecturers and students and to add to the academic experience the social, sport and cultural aspects of being in Swansea and in Wales is worth mentioning.

I completed a very challenging but exciting undergraduate dissertation under the guidance of Dr. Monika Seisenberger where I implemented my own chess computer. The lessons I learned from this project still help me in what I do. I feel that the best part about the Computer Science course at Swansea are the solid foundations and way of thinking that you acquire, and it has helped me very much in every possible way.

Matheus Torquato

Matheus TorquatoI’m not afraid to say that being abroad for almost a year and a half in an exchange programme at Swansea University was the best experience of my life so far.

It all started with my endless desire to live and study abroad in an english speaking country. With this in mind, I could not think about any other place but the UK. The next step was to decide: where to live in UK? I decided to go to Swansea due to its marvellous location, the excellent Computer Science department at Swansea University and the opportunity to experience the welsh culture and people. After coming back from my exchange programme, I’m pretty sure that I made the right choice.

I really enjoyed my time in Swansea. The welsh people are really friendly, even more than I expected, and that caught my attention. Not just inside the university environment, but all over Wales people were always trying to help. Hence, I made some good welsh friends.

Swansea city is an incredible place to live. I found it very safe and calm, not to mention very beautiful. There are many indoors and outdoors activities to do, all year long. In Swansea I found beautiful beaches, parks, nice pubs and nightclubs, good public transportation and a great university.

My time studying Computer Science at Swansea Uni was really great as well. I had the opportunity to study two semesters, take part in competitions, join the Future Interaction Technologies Lab, travel with them in hack events and even publish a scientific paper together with some big names in the Human-computer interaction field. It was just amazing.

Some months before leaving Swansea I received an internship offer from the Tata Steel company to work as a process control engineer trainee. That moment was wordless. I just couldn’t believe that I had got that offer. It meant a lot to me and I feel that an employability event held by Swansea University really helped. After that, I accepted the offer and started my short time placement. It was only two months long but it was amazing. I worked as a trainee engineer with really experienced engineers and met a whole new world. Working in a heavy industry as a steel-maker was one of the greatest experiences of my exchange. I did my very best on that placement and due to this I received a job offer to come back the following year.

My whole experience abroad has been extremely positive and I’m already missing every single bit of it. I studied really hard, I worked really hard as well, I made some great friends, I lived some good moments, I visited nice places and I don’t regret anything. Now I’m just waiting for the day when I’m going back to this marvellous experience and having fun with the pictures from this last year.

Thank you so much Swansea University! It was a once in a lifetime experience.