Swansea Distinguished Lectures in Computer Science

Our aim with this series is to focus on a limited number of high-profile lectures. The topics target a broad audience of computer scientists, but they should also be of interest to colleagues in other disciplines.

The series started in 2011 with lectures by Professors Brian Randell, Tom Rodden, Muffy Calder, Dame Wendy Hall, Simon Peyton Jones and Ben Shneiderman. It continued in continued in 2012 with Professors Gregory AbowdMartin Campbell-KellyRoss AndersonSir Alan WilsonBjarne Stroustrup and Paul Curzon.

See also the programme for the current academic year.

Andy Stanford-Clark FBCS CITP

Andy Stanford-ClarkChief Technologist for Smarter Energy, IBM Global Business Services, IBM United Kingdom Limited, Hursley Park, Winchester, UK

Innovation Begins At Home

5.00pm, Tuesday 10th December 2013

Robert Recorde Room, Faraday Building, Swansea University

Followed by a reception

Samson Abramsky FRS FRSE

Samson AbramskyChristopher Strachey Professor of Computing, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Contextual Semantics: From Quantum Mechanics to Logic, Databases, Constraints, Complexity, and Natural Language Semantics

4.00pm, Tuesday 11th February 2014

Robert Recorde Room, Faraday Building, Swansea University

Followed by a reception

John T. Stasko

John T. StaskoProfessor, Director of the Information Interfaces Research Group, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

The Value of Visualization… and Why Interaction Matters

 11.30am, Friday 13th June 2014

Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea University

EuroVis 2014 Capstone Lecture in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Software Alliance Wales

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