One Wales Research Institute of Visual Computing Established

Education Minister Jane Hutt recently announced £5m to establish a premier Research Institute of Visual Computing (RIVIC) in Wales.

The Institute will strengthen research partnerships between computer science departments in Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea and is the first One Wales national research centre.

The Swansea Visual and Interactive Group plays a pivotal role in the formation of RIVIC, with its international reputation in several areas of visual computing, including volume graphics, global illumination, flow visualization, video visualization, and image segmentation.

As part of this investment, five new research officers have been appointed. A new professorship/readership position is currently open, aiming to enrich and strengthen the pool of core academic scientists in RIVIC. For details, visit the Vacancies page.

Professor Min Chen, RIVIC co-director, said, “given that more than 50% of Internet content is in the form of visual data and information, and more than 50% of the neurons in the human brain address visual perception and reasoning, visual computing represents one of the most challenging and inspiring arenas in computer science.”