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The Department is playing a leading rôle in the following initiatives.

SSI: Service Science Initiative

Service Science is emerging as both an academic and a practical discipline that integrates the skills – social, economic, managerial, computational, mathematical and technological – necessary to understand and manage complex services.

Topics of interest include:

The Service Science Initiative is being established to act as a focal point for researchers with different expertise interested in service science. The members of the initiative are working on the co-construction of computational and social models of services; developing standards and education; exploring practice in the design and delivery of public sector services; and the broad development of services that amplify industrial investment.

Current partners include: Welsh Assembly Government, Swansea City, IT Wales, concinnitās.

History of Computing Collection

The University’s History of Computing Collection contains equipment, software, archives, ephemera, oral histories, and videos. It was founded, in Autumn 2007, in order to study historically the relationship between computing technologies and society.