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Some of the pages on this website have migrated to the new department website.

Most of the remaining pages will not be updated, and are treated as archives.

This site is implemented using HTML4.01 markup and CSS2 styles, based on Adobe Dreamweaver templates. PHP and Javascript are used in connection with accessing personnel information stored in a database on a different server.

The Site Map gives an overview of the structure of this website.


To report a problem with the content or formatting of a specific departmental page:
Click the link to "E-mail page maintainer" found at the bottom of the offending page, and provide a brief explanation of the problem in the body of the generated message. The location of the page is automatically inserted in the message. Note that the content and maintenance of a personal home page is the responsibilty of the person concerned.
To report general problems or suggest improvements:
Click the link to "E-mail page maintainer" found at the bottom of the present page.

For stylistic and technical guidelines, see the Website Companion.


The development of this website was the responsibility a working group consisting of G R Buchanan, N A Harman, M W Jones, P D Mosses (chair) and J V Tucker (Head of Department). S Wheeler provided technical assistance with optimising the design and implementation of the website.


Some of the links below lead to the archives of the departmental website on The WayBack Machine.

M Chen developed the departmental website.
August 2000:
M W Jones and J V Tucker developed a new design for the site.
June 2006:
N A Harman and M W Jones implemented a revised design incorporating the new Swansea University style of banner, using templates in Adobe GoLive.
March 2007:
ITWales proposed a new visual design for the site, together with new and revised content for some sections.
September 2007:
ITWales implemented the proposed design using Adobe Dreamweaver templates. M W Jones subsequently developed a new homepage design and navigation menus.
November-December 2007:
S Wheeler optimised the accessibility of the entire site, and refined the visual design.
18 December 2007:
The renovated site replaced the previous site after all staff had had an opportunity to review it and report any problems.
1 May 2012:
The previous URL of this website now refers to a new department website, hosted on the University's content management system (CMS). The active content of the remaining pages will gradually migrate to the CMS.