Special Issue proposal

As a set of tangible outcomes of this conference, we intend to develop a Special journal issue in a high quality, peer reviewed inter-disciplinary journal (special issue proposal submitted in September 2016) and to advance the preparation of a research funding bid. 

Special Issue proposal

Child and Youth (Dis)placement: New (B)orderings of Vulnerability, Rights, and Policy Response

Manuscripts in this Special Issue will consider the ways research, law, policy, and practice either work to address or ignore the needs of (dis)placed children who have either permanent or liminal status within states and as they move across borders. Select pieces also consider how child identity and status influence policy decisions (or not), how different states facilitate accountability (or not) for realisation of the rights of (dis)placed children, and the (un)intended consequences of existent policy for the social institutions which assist them.  Finally, public sector systems must be adequately equipped to address the varied needs of (dis)placed children and youth and yet currently are struggling to do so. As a collection, this Special Issue thus will fully engage with sociopolitical, cultural, and economic trends to propose innovative policy and practice recommendations to the obstacles associated with children who are on the move either by force or otherwise.

External funding proposal

This conference is supported by Swansea University Research Grant Enabler (SURGE). It is intended to draw on high-quality expertise and lead to a new external funding proposal proposal to: a) increase its competitiveness by setting up active international research network b) identify strong individual and institutional partners for effective project management c)  develop academic rigour to strengthen the case for support d) develop the case to accelerate impact by drawing on international case studies, engaging with broader public and researcher pioneers in this field.

The conference team has significant experience in attracting external funding from the Newton Fund, British Council, British Academy, Research Councils UK and we intend to build on this experience in developing further funding applications. We have identified specific funding opportunities to apply for as a result of this conference, and would also welcome specific suggestions and expression of interests from conference participants.