Clearing advice for students with disabilities

Applying to Swansea University

If you have a disability, medical condition, mental health difficulty or any other specific need, there is no reason why your university experience should be any different from anyone else’s.  We welcome your application to study at Swansea University.

Receiving an offer through Clearing or Adjustment

After an offer has been made, you will be asked to complete our Student Support Services' Clearing questionnaire:

The Disability Office will also require supporting evidence of your disability or medical condition and further information can be found in the following document:

Supporting Documentary Evidence

The questionnaire asks for information about the nature of the condition, and any support requirements. This is to ensure that the University is able to put into place any additional support, and make any reasonable adjustments which may be required, in time for the start of your course.

The questionnaire should be returned immediately to the Disability Office at:


If you have disclosed a disability with a UCAS code of:

  • F - You have a mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorder
  • B - You have a social/communication impairment such as Asperger's syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder

Please complete the following questionnaire and return it immediately with supporting evidence of your disability or medical condition to

Submitting your questionnaire

Your questionnaire will be considered by our Disability Office/Wellbeing Service as soon as it arrives, and they will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your support needs.

In a small number of cases it may not be possible to make the necessary arrangements in time for the start of the course, and the Disability Office/Wellbeing Service may recommend that your place is deferred until next year.

Contacting the Disability Office/Wellbeing Service

If you have any questions please contact the Disability Office/Wellbeing Service. The Disability Office can be reached on 01792 602 000 or, and the Wellbeing Service on 01792 295 592 or

If you would like to contact the Office, or plan to attend one of our Open Afternoons, please note that the Disability Office is open 9am-4:45pm Monday to Friday, and Wellbeing Service 9-4:30pm Monday to Friday, and will not be available during weekends.