What our students say

I chose to study Ancient History at Swansea over the same course at other Universities because of the location, cost of living and reputation. Whilst all of these reasons have proven sound, I would now cite different ones for why studying at Swansea was the right decision for me. The relatively small size of the department means I feel known and valued by the lecturers, whereas I know friends on other courses and at other Universities can feel relatively anonymous. This is added to by the abundance of social events organised within the department, which the lecturers attend, as well as the yearly study trip which I have been lucky enough to go on. Being able to pick my lecturers brains’ at sites which are central to their area of research has been an amazing opportunity and experience.

Furthermore, I have been able to take modules that have allowed me to explore a wide range of issues. For example, the module ‘Being Greek’ engaged with the issues surrounding ‘identity’ relevant to both the ancient world and today. Exploring wider issues like this in the context of Ancient History has really been an unexpected bonus of my degree and has really interested me and been useful outside the course.

Aidan Kee, Ancient History

Continuing my studies at Swansea was a decision that came easily to me. By the end of my undergraduate degree I had made great progress in my studies and I was confident that I could continue developing my research skills as a postgraduate. Swansea had not only been a great working environment for me, but one in which I was comfortable and familiar. 

Our department offers a fantastic variety of modules covering a broad range of topics across the ancient world, enabling any student to find and pursue areas of interest. I particularly enjoyed the modules on ‘Roman Houses and Households’, ‘Royal Space: The King and His Palace in the Ancient World’ and ‘Postgraduate Greek’. Furthermore, my undergraduate dissertation enabled me to explore a topic that interested me the most – Greek athletics(?).

One of the best things about our department is that it is incredibly personal. Over the course of my degree I have developed great friendships with a number of students, but also working relationships with many of the lecturers. This has not only benefited me academically, but has made my experiences here studying my favourite subject far more enjoyable. 

Jack Davies, Taught MA

"an incredible experience"

My MA studies in Ancient Egyptian Culture here at Swansea has gone so quickly! It’s been great studying here as part of a warm and close-knit community, where lecturers know your  name and you have the chance to learn more about the subject you love. Having an on-campus museum of Egyptian antiquities which is actively incorporated into the syllabus is amazing, and being able to hold millennia-old objects in my hands as part of the course is an incredible experience that beats any classroom picture! As for the future... my time here has made sure that it’ll be exciting!

John Rogers, Taught MA