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What does Career Unlocker do?

Career Unlocker is designed to help those who have got stuck at some point during the career decision making process. This can happen for a number of reasons and Career Unlocker helps you to identify what the obvious and underlying reasons are for you in your unique situation and provides advice on how to make further progress. It groups potential obstacles as follows:

  • Information: Do you know enough about yourself, the opportunities available to you and how you can go about acquiring them?
  • Feelings: Feelings are the things that impact on your thinking about your future. Are they a help or a hindrance?
  • Attachment: Who are your significant others? What impact are they having on your decisions?
  • Background: What is your gender, ethnic origin, disability, etc and are these or your other past experiences having a significant impact upon how you choose your career?
  • Learning: Are you making sense of and spotting the patterns in the information you have gathered?
  • Purpose: Do you know what you want your future contribution to society to be and what you hope to achieve?


The Career Unlocker project was led and written by Tania Lyden with contributions from Bill Gothard. IT programming was undertaken by Ruben Arakelyan and Chris Flanagan, all from the Careers Advisory Service at the University of Reading. Graphic Design work was completed by Alex Caswell. The project was funded by CCMS.

Career Unlocker is inspired by a well known Careers theorist and Researcher called Bill Law.  His CPI model (Coverage, Processes, Influences) is the basis for this tool. To learn more about Bill Law's work then head to  The Careers team at Reading University acknowledge that without Bill's work they could not have created this tool and offer their thanks to him in allowing them to adapt his work to help Higher Education students and graduates.