Temporary and part-time work

To help you earn while you study, gain experience or 'temp' until you find the career move you want.

In our jobs database we include opportunities for temporary and part-time work in and around Swansea during term-time and vacation periods.  You can view the jobs database here.   Go to the "casual and part-time work section" after you have registered.

Jennie Drewson, one of our Careers Advisers has produced a leaflet to help you find part-time jobs:  Looking for part-time work

The Students' Union also advertises part-time and temporary jobs.

The University guidelines limit the hours that its Students work (Currently 15 hours a week for Undergraduates and 6 hours for Post graduates during term time. Please take time to read the guidelines here


See advice, hints and tips on the TARGET Jobs website on finding and applying for part-time paid work.

Local Press

Jobs are advertised in the Wednesday edition of the South Wales Evening Post (available in the Library) and on their website.

In general, over half of all jobs are found through networking rather than advertisements or recruitment consultancies.  The basic principle is simple – it’s about talking to people and building your list of personal contacts through family, friends, social activities, online networking sites etc. See our hints and tips on our networking page.

Ask around.  Many local businesses like supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants often put cards or posters in their windows or premises, especially in locations where lots of people pass by, and this way you may find out about jobs before they’ve been advertised. Always take copies of your CV and covering letter with you. Practise a “1 minute CV” – a brief verbal summary of your experience, skills and personal qualities.

Enterprise, Creativity and Web Work

If you’re enterprise-minded or interested in a creative approach to generating opportunities, the Internet offers outlets for all kinds of work and many niche markets. Just to give you some ideas:

  • www.loulabella.co.uk An online business designing and making handbag organisers.
  • www.studentgems.com Paid one-off jobs and freelance projects. Lots of useful advice on finance, tax, getting the right insurance if you need it, protecting your Intellectual Property rights, and more.

If you’re web-savvy, you could offer a range of services from Twitter lessons to design work – websites, photography, videos, logos etc, targeting Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) whose budgets might not run to the high fees of established design companies.

Maybe you have skills as a cleaner, painter, gardener, or tutor?

If you’re thinking of doing anything on a self-employed basis make sure you check out insurance requirements, tax and other legal obligations. You can get advice from business support organisations such as Venture Wales and The Centre for Business in Swansea.

Staying safe

There are many excellent resources on the Internet, but if you’re using any online recruitment service make sure you read their terms of business and privacy policy carefully to check what they say about security and the way they handle users’ personal information.

Be wary of things like requests to include confidential information such as bank details in your applications, commission only and door to door selling, or money for training before starting work, because such things might possibly indicate a scam job. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

International students: 

Please refer to information provided specially for you with regard to finding paid work while you study.