As a non-EU student you should use this section of the site for information specific to international students but also in conjunction with the other sections of the Careers service website  (as would a UK or European student). Doing this will both help you make decisions about your Career generally and enable you to get the ‘additional’ specific information you may need as an international student.

You can get general information on how and when to access the service from the contacts section of the Careers website.  See also our pages on how to make appointments with Careers Advisers and get careers advice by email.

Here are links to our introductory Careers video for international students:

Medium quality, quarter screen

High quality, full screen

We know from previous experience (and feedback from previous international students) that in order to get the most from the support on offer, and in the most efficient way, it is very important that ALL international students read beforehand the essential information for International Students on using your Careers service.  This will enable you to become more familiar with:

  • the UK university Careers system and how services differ greatly within the UK
  • particulars regarding our service
  • how to get the most from the service (and avoid wasting your own time)

Our professional body, the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, has published information that you can download here:   AGCAS information for International Students

The sections below link to further information.

 Specific work options:

Key additional information - specific options for international students:

The International Student Advisory Service provides information and advice on non-academic concerns you may have, including working in the UK during and after your studies, National Insurance and Tax.

ELTS (English Language Training Services) at Swansea runs English language programmes for International Students.