Software to help you gather your career ideas

They are good starting points - you have to reflect on your talents, identify your strengths and weaknesses, consider future lifestyle, and generally think and learn about your potential for graduate employment. And you can reiterate as often as you like - change your responses as you learn more, and see how the system's suggestions develop.


Adult Directions is a relatively straightforward system with a wide range of graduate and non-graduate jobs; it can be completed in one session.  It is an Internet based programme that  requires a password, and therefore it is available to registered Swansea University students through the Interactive Career Planning course in Blackboard.  Swansea University graduates can obtain the password from the Careers Helpdesk in the Central Hall on Level 3 of the Library.


developed specifically for HE by HE careers advisers, is more extensive, with better links to job information; you are likely to need a few sessions to work through its many sections.  


 Windmills - an interactive website that provides a framework to help you manage you career.  It encourages you to take a holistic approach to developing your career and lifestye, take a fresh look at your life, understand what is really important to you and picture the life you want to live, and then shows you ways you might achieve it in order to create a future that inspires you.