Everyone will face various  problems during their time at university; this is only natural.  You may feel  the difficulties are so great that you want to change or leave your course, but don’t panic – you are not alone.  Whether your concerns are to do with your studies or personal matters, there are people here who can advise you so that you can make a well informed decision and achieve a positive outcome.

Further information:

Changing or leaving your course is a comprehensive document produced by members of The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, the professional body for Higher Education careers advisory services in  the UK.  It provides valuable help with the process of deciding whether to remain  on your course, apply for an alternative course, take a break from study or leave altogether.

Sources of help and advice at Swansea University:

  • Your personal or course tutor who will be able to talk to you not only about your progress, but also how the course will develop in the second/third/fourth years.
  • Careers Advisers - book appointments online here
  • People who know and understand you - family and friends
  • Other students who are a year ahead of you on the same course
  • Student support services including:

    o the Disability Office
    o International Student Advisory Service
    o Study Advice
    o Money Advice and Support  - e.g. access and hardship funds
    o Counselling and Wellbeing services
    o Care Leavers Support

  • Accommodation services - in case you have problems with accommodation
  • Student life web pages - information for current students including health and child care
  • Money advice and support - While considering the academic consequences of your decision, you also need to check what the financial implications might be if you change your course, suspend your study or leave your course altogether because these things may affect your entitlement to future funding.  So talk to the Academic Registry and also someone in your home department - most likely your personal tutor to obtain information on how to transfer programmes or modules, how to suspend studies or withdraw from the University.

If you do decide to leave, some organisations that can help you are: