Swansea University Opportunity Award

Swansea University Opportunity Award

Once enrolled, UK and EU students at Swansea University are able to apply to the Swansea University Opportunity Award. 

It is intended to support students through any unexpected or difficult financial circumstances whilst at University. It is not a form of funding, but a safety net for when financial dificulties occur and can be applied for as many times each year as the student see's fit. Each application will be considered and assessed on an individual basis, with the strictest confidentiality by our expert advisors.

The application process is available online, and more information can be found on our MyUni Opportunity Award page


Money@CampusLife Confidentiality policy

All information dealt with by the Money@CampusLife team is done so in the strictest confidence.  On the occasions that we need to consult staff from other departments, we only do so with prior consent from you.