The Campus Development Programme has transformed the existing University estate into a research driven exemplar of a 21st century university, fully promoting and championing the student experience. It consists of

  • the development of a new Bay Campus
  • the transformation of the Singleton Park Campus
  • the sale of Hendrefoilan Student Village

Funding for the campus development programme has come from a mix of private and public investment to include the Welsh Government, Welsh European Funding Office, European Investment Bank and UK Government through Business Innovation and Skills.

In this section you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Campus Development programme. 

What impact has Brexit had on the University?

Swansea University is an outward-looking community of researchers and students and we value and celebrate our links with Europe and beyond. We have many European collaborations supporting student and staff mobility, research funding, and capacity building.

Following the UK referendum outcome Swansea University will continue on a business as usual basis. The European Investment Bank has confirmed that its recent UK agreements, which includes the Swansea University Singleton Campus development ,will proceed as planned.

Following Brexit, Universities are actually going to become more important for the UK because of the need to develop industry, to improve productivity in the UK, to stabilize industry, to attract more companies and to generate new companies internally in the UK. These are things which Swansea University is already doing and can grow that activity.

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