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Short-term, Extra-curricular Work Placements

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Working with organisations as placement providers…

The Swansea Employability Academy (SEA) works with a variety of organisations (SMEs, MNEs, public sector/services etc.) to provide Swansea University students and graduates with a wide-range of placements and internships that are extra-curricular or non credit-bearing. Placements can be anything from a few days, to a month, to three months or longer-term on a part-time basis. Some of our placement offers are paid internships, such as our SPIN and Santander funded programmes, and others are unpaid work experiences where we reimburse students’ expenses. Employers can work with students of all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate), disciplines and careers aspirations and all have been coached in Employability to ensure that they are professional whilst they are with you.

To speak to a member of our SEA Work Placement Team about offering work placements and internships, please call 01792 513266 or email:

You can download full placement and sign-up information below and find out more about how the SEA Academy works with employers here: 

Longer term and Credit-bearing Work Placements

College of Arts & Humanities

The College of Arts & Humanities runs three undergraduate work experience programmes integrated within the degree schemes for media / public relations, politics and history / classics. 

In addition to this a number of placements have been set up for English students within the publishing industry and for languages students within the education sector. 

The College also runs a business and entrepreneurship module in which students have the opportunity to meet local Welsh entrepreneurs and to develop business ideas.

At postgraduate level there are two work experience programmes embedded in summer MA projects within the subject areas of languages and translation and media communications.

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The College has an Employability Office which promotes employability and job opportunities to students, as well as providing skills workshops and other support.  Employers can find out more about College of Arts & Humanities employability by looking at

If you are interested in discussing placement or job opportunities please contact Debbie Marshall in the College of Arts & Humanities Employability Office:

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering run a credit bearing Year in Industry scheme that is available to Undergraduate students across all Engineering disciplines. The placement typically runs for 12 months and is extremely popular.

Companies who are interested in advertising Industrial placements or visiting the College to engage with students are encouraged to contact Dr Gavin Bunting, the Director of Employability within the College ( or Kelly Jervis ( the Employability and Placements Administrator.

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Further Information about the Year in Industry scheme is available at the following website:

College of Human and Health Sciences

The College of Human and Health Sciences offers its students a range of credit-bearing and non credit-bearing, including professional, work experience - largely in association with the NHS.

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For further information on the college, or to offer a work placement, please visit , call 01792 295789 or email

College of Law and Criminology

The College of Law and Criminology offers its students a range of work experience e.g. observational, research and volunteering opportunities, throughout the Legal and Criminal Justice sectors.

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For further information or to offer a work placement, please visit , call 01792 295831 or email .

School of Management

The School of Management offers 2 work experience programmes integrated into our Undergraduate degrees in Business Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics. The 12 month placement scheme is an excellent opportunity for students to take on larger projects and immerse themselves within an organisation.

A dedicated Placements and Careers team facilitates the placements process in-house before, during and after the placement is completed.

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Employers, if you would like to take part in one of the placements schemes outlined above, please visit for further information and contact details.

Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School works closely with the Swansea Employability Academy organising graduate level opportunities through the University’s work placement programmes. Our students have had successful summer placements at Neglected Disease Initiative (DNDi) in Geneva, Kirkstall, GSK, NHS, and Swansea University.

All Graduate Entry Medicine students carry out clinical setting placements throughout their studies and undertake Electives in the UK or abroad during their final year.

Year in Industry placements are also possible for undergraduate students.

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Employers who are interested in advertising placement opportunities, or visiting Swansea University Medical School to engage with students, are encouraged to contact Dr George Johnson, the Director of Employability (, or Zdravka Kamenova the Employability and Mobility Officer (

College of Science

The College of Science, which includes the departments of Bioscience, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Physics run credit bearing Year in Industry schemes across many of its Undergraduate and M Level programmes.

The placement is typically 8 – 12 months in duration and is extremely popular.

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Companies who are interested in advertising Industrial placements, or engaging with our students are encouraged to Contact Stuart Toomey, the Director of Employability within the College of Science ( or visit:

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