Local & Global Business Networks

Local and Global Networks

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

EEN is the largest SME network in the world.  A vast community of 600 business development offices across 54 countries, it has provided technology transfer and internationalisation services since 2008.

It offers trans-national business introductions and vetting services to support a range of collaborative activities including commercial trade, emerging technologies and the facilitation of innovative research activities.

In Wales, EEN services are delivered by Swansea University and BIC Innovation Ltd.  

A new UK-wide partnership with Innovate UK has led to a successful bid for funding for EEN UK of EURO 11M (as of 2015).  The largest EEN contract in the EU, the consortium provides SME support to the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (with strategic alignment to EEN Scotland).  It offers a wide range of services, particularly for high growth potential SMEs, supporting international trade, emerging technologies and research collaboration.

How EEN Can Assist Your Company

  • Business Searches and Brokerage – to identify new business partners across Europe and many other countries; access to thousands of companies in exploitable markets
  • Research and Innovation Collaboration and IP support – help for businesses either seeking or offering their latest research collaborations and innovations
  • Commercialisation Support – EEN helps companies to find suppliers and distributors; European funding for innovation and research and supports them to internationalise
  • Communications – providing up to date information on legislation, competition and market intelligence.  In addition, giving SMEs a voice on European Consultations
  • Access to Finance – support to access regional, national and European Funding for research and innovation


Knowledge Exchange Wales

Knowledge Exchange Wales

KEW is a business-academia forum run by Research, Engagement & Innovation Services at Swansea University. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between business and academia as well as to provide networking and collaborative opportunities.

KEW holds around 6 events a year, as well as an annual showcase of innovation and university technology transfer. KEW also acts as a signpost to all the business engagement activities taking place across campus.

Visit the KEW website for more details and here for events.  

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Venturefest Wales

Venturefest Wales

Swansea University is a partner of VentureFest Wales and will be exhibiting there on 29th September 2015.

Venturefest is a UK-wide network that is sponsored by local universities and Innovate UK.

It brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, SMEs and investors to create a supportive environment for start-up and scale-up businesses.

Regional events offer a unique mix of exhibitions, interactive workshops, inspirational speakers, pitch sessions and 1-1 meetings with industry and investment experts.

Click visit the Venturefest site

Sector Specific Networks

Advancing Printing & Coatings Network (APN)

The aim of the WCPC Advancing Printing and Coatings Network (APN) is to expand the coherent volume of under pinning science and its application for benefit of the printing industry. The Welsh centre for Printing & Coating (WCPC) already has an extensive track record of this type of research and its practical application in industry. The planned R&D programme for the APN will include work on all the major volume printing processes for both graphics and printing of functional materials such as sensors, polymer electronics and bio materials.

 APN Membership is open to any company enterprise or individual whether located in the UK or elsewhere, that wishes to advance the cause of the APN. The membership fees will be used primarily for the purposes of funding research into printing technology within the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC).



The National Virtual Incubator (NVI) Project & NVI Wales


The National Virtual Incubator (NVI) is a pioneering network, which connects business incubation hubs and research institutions around the UK via Cisco video conferencing technology. These hubs are the NVI nodes.  At the nodes businesses gather virtually in an online community and share common interests and goals. 

The network runs regular expert mentoring sessions, Peer to Peer meetings and multi-location live events, enabling initial introductions and follow up meetings to take place irrespective of geography. 

The Welsh Node of the network (NVI Wales) is based in Swansea University Medical School and is supported by the Welsh Government.  NVI Wales has joined the network as a specialist communication point to support Welsh Life Science and Tech start-ups and SMEs.  For more information on the free business support events and activities organised by NVI Wales visit: http://www.ehi2.swan.ac.uk/en/networking-and-events-nvi.htm