Commercialising Research

Collaborative Research & Internationalisation

Access University Consultancy Services & IP

Swansea University offers consultancy services to businesses and has an exciting portfolio of Intellectual Property available to license. Our current offerings for IP licesning are showcased on the Swansea Innovations website. 

Collaborate on Research Projects

Swansea University offers consultancy services in areas such as Engineering, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Management, Digital Technology, Law and Social Services.

To access consultancy services, please tel +44 (0)1792 606060

Create Spin in Companies with Us

Swansea Innovations has a successful history of establishing spin out/spin in companies.  

It may be appropriate to spin out a technology developed by a staff member into a company in a University incubator setting.  In such cases, external parties such as Venture Capital or Angel investors, may wish to access the IP in the spin out through an equity investment. Swansea University also houses a number of spin in companies, where the IP may have been developed elsewhere, but the company resides on campus.

Spin in companies may also access background IP developed at the University.

For more information, see Swansea Innovations 

Easy Access IP Programme

The Easy Access IP Programme provides new ways for Universities to promote and share their intellectual property and make it easier for Universities and industry to work together.  

Swansea will offer certain of its technologies to industries free and will facilitate the transfer by using quick and simple agreements to make it easier for companies to obtain IP and to put it to use.  

Although the technology provided through Easy Access IP is free, frequently the industry partners place significant value on the know-how and the expertise of the inventors and the university.

The technology to be provided through Easy Access IP will only be offered if alternative and more traditional commercialisation efforts are inappropriate and only with the consent of the inventor. 

For more information on the Easy Access IP programme, go to   A more complete statement including frequently asked questions is provided by clicking Easy Access IP Frequently asked questions


Swansea Innovations

Facilitation of researcher-industry collaborative partnerships: 

  • Turning ideas into viable business plans
  • Advising on patents and other forms of IP
  • Assisting with licensing technology
  • Assisting or creating spin out/spin in companies

Swansea Innovations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University and manages the pipeline of exciting inventions and ideas emerging from the University’s research base.


Internationalisation Assistance from EEN

EEN Wales assisted Monmouth based company, E2L Ltd, to identify new business partners in Canada and the Czech Republic who were interested in distributing their novel light products. The company has developed a range of innovative enabling technologies specifically aimed at the elderly and disabled.

E2L’s latest nightlight is a safe light-emitting platform, which can be dimmed sufficiently to allow uninterrupted sleep, yet makes it easy for the user to see/locate essential items (e.g. medications, glasses, clock, water), without switching the room light on.

Enterprise Europe Network Wales helped Managing Director Lyndon Owen to navigate EU legislation, gain help with Intellectual Property rights and identify new worldwide partners. 

Within weeks, E2L Ltd was introduced to international companies with distribution capabilities for E2L’s novel lighting products.

EEN logo

Enterprise Europe Network 

EEN is the largest SME network in the world.

A vast community of 600 business development offices, it covers 54 countries.  

It offers trans-national business introductions and vetting services to support a range of collaborative activities.

Areas of focus include commercial trade, emerging technologies and the facilitation of innovative research activities.

Telegraph Video 2015: Haydale have been working with Swansea University on commercialising graphene