DVLA and Swansea University Partnership in Training

Partnership In Training


The DVLA funds 20 places at Swansea University’s Computer Science Foundation course for DVLA staff and 6 graduate placements for university IT students, with an eye to bringing them in-house after graduation.

The strategy has also helped move DVLA’s culture toward the digital future.

As a major employer in South Wales, DVLA wanted to expand the number of skilled IT workers available as they bring IT in-house. The Agency has built relationships with local universities and is sponsoring a project called Tech Hub, a network founded by local tech companies to encourage the sharing of digital ideas, resources, and workspace.

The DVLA is investing heavily in its people. It has a really strong ecosystem of skills, education and job opportunities which its mashes together to put its people back into study to become digital people.

This will directly contribute towards DVLA’s digital skills capability that will expand its current work, attract additional Government service development and delivery activities to the organisation, supporting the growth of its local supplier base in the digital arena