DVLA and Swansea University Partnership in Training

DVLA FundingThe DVLA funds 20 places at Swansea University’s Computer Science Foundation course for DVLA staff and 6 graduate placements for university IT students, with an eye to bringing them in-house after graduation. As a major employer in South Wales, DVLA wanted to expand the number of skilled IT workers available as they bring IT in-house.

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DVLA and Swansea University launch TechHub initiative

TechHub‌The DVLA has built relationships with local universities and is sponsoring a project called Tech Hub, a network founded by local tech companies to encourage the sharing of digital ideas, resources, and workspace. TechHub Swansea brings the Welsh tech community together

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Year In Industry

Information and Digital TechnologiesThe DVLA has offered students at Swansea University the opportunity to spend a 'Year in Industry' as part of their degree. This partnership has benefitted both the DVLA and the students placed there. Read about DVLA Year in Industry

If your company is looking for a Year in Industry student please check out our College Placements page 


DVLA - Cherish DeAs a founding partner of the CHERISH-DE Centre at Swansea University, DVLA has been instrumental in driving big technology and service innovation to make people feel empowered by the digital revolution. DVLA uses this to help us improve road safety, reduce vehicle-related crime, support environmental initiatives and limit vehicle tax evasion.

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