The new SLAM tag (Swansea Live Animal Movement) or Daily Diary

Measuring just 27.2 x 25.7 x 8.3 mm and weighing just 3 g with a MicroSD card, these devices can log accelerometry at up to 800 Hz, accelerometry with geomagnetism at up to 160 Hz, and finally accelerometry with geomagnetism, temperature, and pressure at up to 40 Hz.

Battery voltage and ambient light levels (3 to 70k lux) are also logged for extra info, and to monitor the effect on battery life under varying environmental conditions.

The tag can be programmed to sleep for any number of hours per day preserving battery life as much as possible.  It can also be connected to one of our electronic release systems and programmed to initiate the release sequence at a certain time of the night when the subject would be considered to be in a known safe environment/location for pickup by the researcher.

The Daily Diary can also be programmed to shut down to preserve remaining battery power to initiate release should the battery be depleted before the expected time.

Additional connectors are made available for the linking of further sensors from calibrated analogue light sensors, depth sensors (up to 200 bar – Keller), differential pressure sensors for air velocity measurements etc.

Conversion and data browsing/cutting tool software is developed in-house; this allows the user to easily load days or even weeks of data with ease and export only sections of interest for loading later into professional packages for deeper statistical analysis.


If you are interested in buying this technology, please contact our spin-out company WildByte Technologies