Jacques-Olivier Laloë

PhD candidate

Contact Me

Telephone: +44 (0)1792 602882

Email: 714515@swansea.ac.uk

About Me

I obtained my BSc in Zoology from UCL in London. I then did a MSc in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Amsterdam. I am currently a PhD candidate at Swansea University.

I am primarily interested in sea turtle ecology and conservation. I carry out my field work in the Cape Verde islands where I monitor turtle nestings, nest incubation temperatures, and hatchling success rates. This data allows me to investigate the population’s general trends, as well as to examine more specific questions. Currently, I am investigating the effects of climate change on this turtle population. In the past I also looked at the impact of light pollution on nesting turtles as part of my BSc in Zoology.

Areas of Interest

  • Sea turtle ecology
  • Conservation
  • Marine biology
  • Climate change


Laloë J-O, Cozens J, Renom B, Taxonera A, Hays GC (2014). Effects of rising temperature on the viability of an important sea turtle rookery. Nat. Clim. Change, 4, 513-518.