Dr Mark Holton

Engineering Research Officer

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Telephone: 01792 60 (2992)

Email: m.d.holton@swansea.ac.uk

About Me

With a heavy background in electronics and programming, this researcher has extensive knowledge and experience of nano- and micro-scale imaging systems looking at both hard and soft materials such as silicon lasers and biological cells.  As part of a group headed by Professor Huw Summers within the college of Engineering, he has carried numerous experiments looking at the mechanisms and mathematical description of the loading of nanoparticles into biological cells and the subsequent dispersion amongst progeny using both standard, and new, novel flow cytometry imaging systems (ImageStream).  Past work includes looking at the fluorescent lifetime of nanoparticles in biological systems using pulsed white-laser systems, and scanning near-field optical microscopy of quantum dots and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers.  At one time part of the Swansea-Nano Knowledge Transfer Centre in semiconductor & photonics, he developed multiple electronic systems (both circuitry and firmware) including controlled LED devices for enhanced growth of E-Coli, processor controlled high frequency pulsed magnetic field generators for the study of improving the rates of wound healing, and most recently, discrete sensor logging devices for attachment to small insects/bugs, wild animals and marine fish/mammals to capture high frequency movement and environmental data.  His latest work has involved the further development of the animal data loggers for further use in Sports Science for monitoring injury and recovery mechanisms, and working with a group based at the Physics and Astronomy group in Cardiff University, developing miniaturised biological cell counters using sub-millimetre sized lasing devices for handheld analysers. 

Areas of Expertise

Electronics analogue/digital design, maintenance, and repair

Programming (MatLab, C++, Python, 6502, 68000)

Nanoscale topographic and optical imaging of hard and biological materials

Imaging and spectroscopy of nanoparticles

Flow cytometry and novel adapted systems

Development of high frequency data logging systems for the study of animals and insects


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