Brenda Tysse

PhD student and Research Assistant

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1792 604614


About Me

Following my undergraduate degree at Swansea University where I read BSc Biology, I am continuing my studies into a PhD, looking into the applications of accelerometry to investigate human motion in a variety of areas ranging from affective state through to physical performance.

Areas of Interest

As a biologist, I find the study of all life fascinating, so it is easy to see why I am interested in research on various diverse fronts. Interestingly, movement reflects many features of animal biology and one that I find particularly exciting is the link between movement and ‘state’. I have thus far looked at various aspects of human state by utilising human-attached devices that incorporate accelerometers. These aspects include state as relates to stimulant drugs, nicotine and caffeine (as well as how these affect cognitive and proprioception abilities), but also affective state and even disease state. I am also looking at what accelerometers can tell us about elite sport performance in studies ranging from jumpers to runners and swimmers.


Wilson RP, Grundy E, Massy R, Soltis J, Tysse B, Holton M, Cai Y, Parrott A, Downey LA, Qasem L, Butt T. (Submitted). Wild state secrets: ultra-sensitive measurement of micro-movement can reveal internal processes in animals.

Tysse B, Downey LA, Samuels A, Parrott A, Wilson RP. (Submitted). Psychomotor tremor and proprioceptive control problems in stimulant drug injectors (MDMA, amphetamine, cocaine, mephedrone): an accelerometer study of current and former recreational drug users.