Our expertise

The Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) group is a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise. It consists of academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral and master's students.

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Professor Tariq Butt

IPM (push-pull, stress/lure and kill), biopesticides, invertebrate immunity, fungal pathogenesis, chemical ecology, risk assessment, fungal metabolites, therapeutics

Dr Dan Eastwood

Biofuels, bioremediation, nutraceuticals, fungal ecology and nutrition

Dr Jim Bull

Population dynamics, insect pathogen genomics, pest control

Professor Rory Wilson

Invertebrate biology

Research Assistants & Technicians

Our group has Postdoctoral Researchers, Research Assistants and Technicians with extensive experience in many areas.

James Taylor

I am a Senior Technician for the BANP group and I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of two laboratories and associated facilities and actively contribute towards research funded by various sponsors.

I have also contributed towards several papers with recent focus areas concerning Enzymology and Fluorescence Microscopy.

Areas of expertise are: fungal, bacterial and tissue culture, a range of analytical techniques (primarily HPLC and Spectrophotometry), Electrophoresis, insect rearing and fieldwork.

B.Sc. Honours Medical Biochemistry (Swansea University)


Within the BANP Group there are doctoral and master's students.

Esam Hummadi

Esam Hummadi

I am studying for my PhD in Biotechnology and Bioprospecting for natural products. I received funding for my project from the Iraqi government.

I am learning new skills, technical procedures and critical thinking which are all very useful to me. There are many seminars and meetings that are very useful for my project that I am able to attend. This opportunity allows me to use highly equipped facilities and work with researchers working in the same field. 

Areas of expertise are: Molecular Biology, Natural products extraction, Bioassay techniques and invertebrate immunology.

Abeer Alkhaibari

Abeer Alkhaibari

Mosquito control, semiochemicals