Risk assessment strategies

RAFBCA impacts on Directive 91/414/EEC and Directive 2001/36/EEC (data required on microbial BCAs in Annexes ll and lll Part B) by showing that the evaluation of fungal metabolites during registration of BCAs could be simplified. The RAFBCA consortium has generated new data that could be used to develop new risk assessment strategy that could help accelerate risk assessment of fungal metabolites and reduce registration costs. They have devised strategies that could lead to a more balanced system for risk assessment and registration and make the EC more competitive. RAFBCA have data that could help end users (policy makers, registration authorities, industry) and the public in making more informed decisions about fungal BCAs.

The consortium has disseminated results through flyers, numerous international scientific journals, and via oral and poster presentations at national and international symposia.

The RAFBCA team has organised three highly successful workshops:

  • Helsinki, August 2004, in collaboration with SIP, IBMA and IOBC
  • Brussels, September 2004, in collaboration with the OIBC and IBMA
  • Innsbruck, October 2004, in collaboration with the IOBC