Swansea University hosted the British Science Festival this September with attendance figures reaching 20,000 visitors! The core festival running from 6-9th was a unique opportunity for the University to showcase it's world class research in a range of formats such as; presentations, debates, exhibits, performances, live music and much more.

Please visit the main British Science festival website at to find out more information.

Following on from the core festival that week, there was a Family Weekend at Swansea's Waterfront Museum on both Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. The Museum was buzzing with excitement and activities and it gave Swansea University the opportunity to connect with the next generation of scientists and with the community as a whole with a variety of ages engaging.

The BANP group had a stand at the Family Weekend which had an array of interactive games, activity sheets, goody bags, and edible insects to excite the next budding scientist!

The Good, Bad & Deadly...


Our stand at the event...

The BANP Group's stand at the Waterfront museum was centred around the title...The Good, Bad and Deadly!

We have many different aspects to our stand such as;

Insect magnetism / Close encounters / Food for thought / Dealing with Sticky Situations! / Not an Insect! / Insect Perfumery / Bad Beath Test! 

Many children visited our activity table throughout boths days completing the quizzes and designing some wonderful butterflys!

Also 'well done' to all those who were brave enought to try our edible insects, we had a selection on display ranging from mealworms, crickets, locus and queen weaver ants!

Insects in resin
Edible Insects

Looking through the snake camera...

We had a range of insects incased in clear resin for those who were less likely to handle or look closely at the live exhibits.

We had a wide variety ranging from butterflies, beetles, a bumble bee, a spider and a scorpion which you could view through a snake camera. The camera was connnected to a laptop to look at the insects in detail, close up. 

Activity Table
Turkish Student Yarkin holding a stick insect
insect table