Our Work

Climate change

  • Global warming will pose numerous risks and challenges to EU growers - (i) the influx of new, exotic pests and diseases, (ii) population explosion of existing pests (e.g. thrips, whitefly) which cause damage directly through feeding and via transmission of lethal plant virus diseases, (iii) increase resistance to chemical pesticides. INBIOSOIL WP5 evaluates the robustness of fungal BCAs and EEAs in different EU countries, on model crops (strawberry, tomato) and ornamentals in a wide range of growing substrates.

Creating more wealth and jobs within the EU

  • By identifying and exploiting the most cost effective methods of producing natural pest control agents our research widens the pesticide market considerably. We use and develop inexpensive growing media to reduce production costs thus making the products more competitive to the pest control market.
  • Our research identifies synthetic pesticides which have been withdrawn, leaving growers without control possibilities, and finds alternative products which will ultimately sustain the future of crop production.