Our Work

Our work is targeting some key environmental issues like sustainability and biodiversity.

Sustainability is sustainable social and environmental practices that protect and enhance the human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own.


  • An integral part of our research is the effective use of sustainable natural resources (i.e. fungus as a method of pest control and natural-based substrates during production) which is in accord with EU Policies. The development of benign, sustainable fungal or botanical based pesticides will reduce dependency on chemical based pesticides which require fossil fuels during production.


  • Biodiversity is essential in providing, fuel, food, clean air and water for every form of life. 
  • Chemical pesticides cannot be used in ecologically sensitive sites that promote biodiversity (such as forests). Therefore our research will develop biological based pesticides which will aid in the preservation of biodiversity at sites of ecological importance.