Our Work

Our development of fungus strains that target particular pests will solve the problem of pests developing resistance to some chemical pesticides.

Our research will make a significant contribution to many businesses and sectors of industry. Current links are particularly well developed with the education, chemical production and crop growing sectors through direct and indirect collaborative research and field trips. Examples of businesses that we can help include:

  • Growers: Exploiting ways to eliminate or reduce pests will mean fruit and vegetable growers will save money. The black vine weevil alone can cause annual losses of £30 million. The production of benign pesticides will allow farmers, supermarkets and growers to comply with regional targets and objectives.
  • Supermarkets: Our research and development of mass produced natural methods of pest control will help supermarkets to produce crops that contain zero pesticide residues.
  • The Medical industry: The strains of Metarhizium anisopliae under development can also kill pests of veterinary and medical importance (e.g. ticks, mosquitoes, midges).
  • Organic growers: They will have access to new crop protection products and chemical free strategies which will increase their competitiveness and help them meet the increasing demands for organically grown food.