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‌‌‌Matteo RollaMatteo Rolla
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Research Group: Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie ITN Aquainvad-ED

About Me

In 2012 I earned my BSc degree in Sciences and Technologies for the Environment and the Nature at Pavia University (Italy). The title of my dissertation is “Biodiversity gradients within lakes and ponds of the Gran Paradiso National Park”.

In 2014 I earned my MSc degree in Experimental and Applied Biology at Pavia University (Italy). The title of my dissertation is “Ecologic connectivity between ground and aquatic environments in high altitude lakes”.

My Master thesis project was part of the LIFE-Bioaquae project ( monitoring activities. That was a great opportunity for me to collaborate to an important project, working with a young and strongly motivated research group. During this collaboration I got new skills such as: (1) Zooplankton sampling, (2)  Zoobenthos sampling, (3) Fish catching by electro-fishing and nets, (4) Analysis of fish stomach contents, (5) Sampling and analysis of Anuran stomach contents and (6) Physical-chemical parameters measurements in lentic environments.

In 2015 I did an internship at CEAB-CSIC in Blanes (Spain). Here I collaborated to the LIFE-LimnoPirineus ( project, working on (1) Fish sclerochronology using otoliths and on (2) Fish morphology using image analysis software.

Currently I am a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie ITN Aquainvad-ED project PhD student, under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Garcia De Leaniz (SU),  Dr. Sofia Consuegra del Olmo (SU) and Mr. Peter Goug (NRW).

I am working on the impact and the management of freshwater invasive species in UK.

The target species of my project are: Zebra Mussel, Killer Shrimp, Chinese Mitten Crab, Topmouth Gudgeon and Rainbow Trout.


Areas of Expertise

During my academic and research path I focused on the conservation of freshwater ecosystems, reaching a good level of knowledge in:

  • Alpine lakes ecology
  • Alpine lakes invertebrate communities
  • Invasive fish eradication techniques

Field surveying skills including:

  • Zooplankton sampling
  • Zoobenthos sampling
  • Fish catching by electro-fishing and nets