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‌‌Suzana Goncalves-LelesSuzana Gonçalves-Leles
Postgraduate Student



Tel: (01792) 605377

Research Group: Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research

About Me

I am an Oceanographer with Master in Ecology interested on marine plankton ecology. During my Bachelor Degree (2008-2012), I evaluated the transport of phytoplankton biomass between a preserved estuary located in Brazil and its adjacent platform and classified the phytoplankton community according to functional traits. During my Master (2013-2015), I investigated plankton trophodynamics (from bacteria to copepods) in a eutrophic estuary (Guanabara Bay, Brazil) identifying the base of the plankton food web and the main link to the upper trophic levels. 

I noticed that the trophic ecology of plankton can become quite complex because many organisms present a mixed diet, i.e. use both autotrophy and heterotrophy to growth, called mixotrophy. The influence of mixotrophs in plankton food webs considering different gradients of light, nutrients, water column stability and food concentration is not well known and thus became the main goal of my PhD research project. I started my PhD in October 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Kevin Flynn and Dr. Aditee Mitra in Swansea University and I will use modelling as a tool for my research. I will also work in collaboration with the Plymouth Marine Laboratory with Dr. Jerry Blackford and Dr. Luca Polimene, incorporating the mixotrophs into the ERSEM model. I am funded by the Brazilian government (CNPq) through the program Science Without Borders. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Marine Plankton Ecology
  • Ecology of Estuaries
  • Plankton Modelling
  • Mixotrophy