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About Me

In October 2013, after a 2-years thesis internship in the laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology (Parma-Italy) I achieved my M.Sc degree in Ecology and Conservation of the Nature. My thesis titled: “Maternal effect and hatching phenology of Heterocypris incongruens (Crustacea: Ostracoda)”. These data are published in an article: "Early and late maternal effects on hatching phenology of Heterocypris incongruens (Crustacea: Ostracoda)" Rossi V., Albini D., Pellegri V. And Menozzi P. 2015

2 years before, during my Bachelor's degree, I made a thesis internship in the same laboratory and I got a publication: “V. Rossi, D. Albini, Benassi and G. Menozzi P. To rest in hydration: hatching phenology of resting eggs of Heterocypris incongruens (Crustacea: Ostracoda)” in Fundam. Appl. Limnol., 181: 49-58. 2012.

With my two thesis I acquired knowledge about the ecology and life history of zooplankton (ostracods, cladocerans, copepods, rotifera) that live in aquatic environments.  Moreover, I learnt how to perform the taxonomy identification of these organisms with a dissection microscope. 

I am part of the “Ostarcodologi Italiani” group.

Currently, I am a PhD student in Swansea University (Wales). My project is focused on the study of in the colony formation in the green algae Scenedesmus against grazers (mainly Daphnia Magna). The formation of colony is an interesting strategy, where different benefits are been identify, but the costs are still poorly understood.


Areas of Expertise

  • zooplankton
  • zooplankton taxonomy
  • aquatic ecology
  • biology of population