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‌‌Abdulla Al-NahdiAbdullah Al-Nahdi
Postgraduate Student



About Me

Abdullah is a fisheries scientist with over 14 years of experience in the fields of fish and fisheries ecology and marine science in general. He has worked in Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth in Oman. His research (1) develops and analyses databases for sustainable management of living marine resources; (2) assesses the impacts of fishing and fishing gear on exploited commercial fish and crustacean populations; (3) provides detailed aspects of fisheries biology to inform (1) and (2) like: reproductive biology, food and feeding, age and growth, length-weight relationships and condition factor indexes. 

Abdullah has a proven academic track record and considerable experience in a wide range of fisheries science, including fish biology, fish behavioural ecology, stock assessment, management, population dynamics, evolutionary ecology and a general understanding of conservation concepts and fisheries science. He has participated and conducted several research and surveys projects in Omani waters. He has strong drafting on fisheries management policy, multivariate statistical analysis and empirical modelling skills.

Currently, he is a PhD student in Swansea University in UK. His research focus in the investigates of the life-history, behavioural, and habitat characteristics that make some fish species more prone to anthropogenic effects and consequent population decline than others. He is studying fisheries and fish species in the Omani waters to address these key research topics. He also interested in spatial dynamics of fish, and understanding how changing environment structures fish behaviour and distribution.

Areas of Expertise

Experience and Expertise 

Abdullah has over 14 years of progressively responsible experience in all aspects of fisheries and crustacean research and management. His areas of interest and expertise are on tropical fisheries; demersal, pelagic and crustacean; and project management works include stock assessment and modelling to update the management plan and implementing conservation policies in Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea fisheries.

He has extensive experience by working in a number of projects:-

  • Commercial species of demersal projects phase (I) and (II)
  • Study of the fishery of lobster in Arabian Sea projects phase (I) and (II). 
  • Small pelagic fishery in Oman projects.
  • Kingfish fishery in Oman projects.
  • Others projects participate such as investigation of shrimp fishery, abalone projects, commercial species in GCC projects