Mankind has a privileged responsibility of sustaining the Earth’s oceans and the fascinating life which inhabits them – Here in the Biosciences at Swansea University we are committed to inspiring new students and to offer opportunities to gain the skills required to tackle this huge responsibility.

About Us

The Earth’s oceans are home to an extraordinary diversity of living organisms. This wonderful diversity of organisms and the habitats in which they live have intrigued scientists from time immemorial.

The Bioscience Department's 'Marine Biology Society' is in its preliminary stages of development and is aiming to be established for the 2013/14 academic year.

The society has received an official endorsement from the SMART team at Swansea University lead by Professor Rory Wilson (this is subject to change and by the next academic year will likely be re-named as SLAM - Swansea's Lab for Animal Movement. Official sponsorship and support from UK Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has also been granted including permission for the use of their logo and distribution of their merchandise (leaflets, flyers, etc.) in association with Swansea University. The Marine Society's events calendar will primarily be focused around the MCS' calendar and there are plans to get involved with their voluntary, extra-curricular activities.

The decision has been made to endorse the society purely within the bioscience department, rather than offer it to the whole Students' Union. This means it will be exclusive to students and members of staff within the Bioscience department. This seems the most sensible option as the society's original intention was to offer activities which will complement the bioscience degree schemes.

A date for our first annual general meeting (AGM) is to be confirmed as soon as possible in order to form a committee and set out plans in time for the next academic year.

Stay tuned!

SCUBA diving is particularly useful for a Marine Biology graduate and facilitates the study and understanding of the astounding marine life around Swansea, the Gower and throughout the world. In conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society, students will be offered the chance to incorporate SCUBA diving as an extra-curricular activity alongside Swansea University’s Sub Aqua Club ( Marine Biology students attending the field course in level 2 will also have the opportunity to SCUBA dive at the University Marine Biological Station at Millport, and experience the “best diving in the UK” – as quoted by countless, previous graduates (

Many Swansea graduates have progressed to rewarding marine science career pathways due to the SCUBA diving skills and experience gained whilst studying at Swansea University.

A coral reef is the canary in the cage as far as the oceans are concerned” - David Attenborough.

William Kay
President of Marine Ecology and Conservation Society