What's happening

Here at the school of Bioscience we are involved in numerous initiatives that broaden our impact on the local community. This page is just a cross-section of some of the activities we have been engaged in over the recent months.

SEACAMS2 outreach


SEACAMS 2 BIO BLOCK WORKSHOPBio-block public engagement workshop in collaboration with Tidal Lagoon Power took place during the half term week. The idea is to shape miniature clay blocks that would potentially be attractive habitat for coastal fauna. The main objective for this event is for both TLP and SEACAMS to gain a large number of bio-blocks produced by children who have learnt about the joint working between our organisations and understand what a bio-block is and what it is designed for. The completed bio-blocks will be developed into an art installation that will be a joint submission into the Swansea University ‘SURF Research as Art’ competition. The secondary aim of our stand is for children and families to learn about the research work we have carried out on bio-blocks with SEACAMS and how this will apply to our project.

SEACAMS2 MARINE WORKSHOPThe “Marine Explorers” theme at BSF 2016 showcased the variety of state-of-the-art science R&D projects being conducted by SEACAMS scientists to support this endeavour, introduce family audiences to applied marine and coastal science through hands-on and interactive activities, and demonstrate Swansea University’s commitment to engage and support local industries. Families were able to undertake an interactive cetacean acoustic quiz, take a tour on the RV Noctiluca and experience marine life through the touch tank available. The SECAMS team shared the stand with Tidal Lagoon Power, which were offering families a chance to create bio-blocks and learn more about the fauna that make these their habitat.

Project Seagrass Spotter App


Seagrass Spotter is a conservation and education tool for tracking seagrass meadows around the globe. Help us conserve our coastline by uploading your own seagrass sightings.

Dr Dan Forman goes out and about

Dr Dan Forman has been busy again this year!

Dan Forman

19th Jan 2017 National Trust spraint analysis workshop 
25th Jan 2017 National Trust Local Group Crymlin Burrows talk 
11th Feb 2017 Kites and Dippers club Zoology Museum guided and interactive talk (17 children and 10 parents) 
14th Feb 2017 National Trust spraint analysis workshop
1st April Non Native Species activity day in Orel 
5th April Cym Clydach primary school visit to campus
10th April Plants and pollinators talk, Bishopston gardening club
10th April 2017 National Trust spraint analysis workshop
20th April Water shrew ecology and conservation course Gwent wildlife Trust 

22nd April Guided wildlife ramble for the Swansea Local WT group (Clyne valley)
24th April Otter survey training for UGs (extra curricula activity) 
6th May Otter survey training for Undergraduates (extra curricula activity)

Invasive Species Week


As part of Invasive Species Week 2017 both the Aquainvad-Ed and Aqua Wales projects worked together on “Invasive Species Day” which took place on 1st April at Oriel Science.

Numerous arts & crafts activities were planned for the visitors, talks were given by Dr Dan Forman and Chloe Robinson on Invasive Species, plus the PhD fellows who are part of the Aquainvad-ED project were on hand to discuss their research to date.

Invasive Species Week bigOver 240 people visited throughout the day to learn more about the ‘aliens’ all around us and also see some of the species close up !