What will the scheme provide?

If we win the campaign, our bikeshare scheme will launch in Spring 2018 and will link Swansea University’s Singleton Park and Bay Campuses, providing the local community with 50 bicycles and 90 “stations” located at five hubs stationed along the main cycle path:

The Hubs

  • Swansea University Singleton Park Campus – 20 stations 11 bicycles
  • Civic Centre – 20 stations 11 bicycles
  • National Waterfront Museum – 20 stations 11 bicycles
  • Fabian Way Park and Ride – 10 stations 6 bicycles
  • Bay Campus – 20 stations, 11 bicycles

How Will it Work?

The scheme will be run by our local service provider and supported by the UK's leading bikeshare scheme provider Nextbike UK.

Scheme users will need to register with the scheme and once they've done so, cycle hire is simple and easy:

  • Bikes are available to hire 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Bike hire is simple: you can use an app, call the hotline or do it through a computer located on the bike itself.
  • You can hire up to four bikes at the same time and return them to any official docking station.
  • Once you register with the scheme, you can also rent cycles from nextbike schemes in 14 countries worldwide (local usage charges apply).