Our partners around the world

How we are building global engagements

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International projects

Swansea University is proud of its work developing research initiatives with international partners. 

This progress was greatly helped by a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council awarded to encourage the international exchange of academic expertise.

The £500,000 Building Global Engagements in Research grant has assisted several major projects. Among them are:

The Global Hub in Medical Technologies and NanoHealth

Swansea University's Centre for NanoHealth and Human Computer Interactions research group combined to set to become a global nanohealth hub. It facilitated a series of staff exchanges to develop existing and new research initiatives with international partners. Swansea researchers had the freedom to take their knowledge and creative solutions about vital health issues to countries including China, France and the US.

This helped internationalise the university's research strengths in the areas of technology development, safety assessment, therapeutics, and human factors engineering.

Principle Investigator is Professor Steve Wilks. For more information contact Jon Burnes or email the project team.