German TILT Courses

The German courses are designed for all learner levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and will help the learner to develop all key language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). A special focus is on speaking and conversational German and the use of the language in socially and professionally relevant situations. On demand, the courses are adapted to suit the needs of the learners in various business contexts.  They also address common cultural differences between Germany and Britain and aim to sensitize the learner on aspects that can potentially have negative effects on business relationships.   

Learning outcomes

This course will help you to

  • Develop competence in a range of everyday communicative situations in the workplace.
  • Acquire work-related vocabulary of the language.
  • Engage in conversations with a German business partner and exchange information about yourself, your professional role and your company.
  • Travel confidently in German-speaking countries and perform basic transactions (e.g. order a taxi, book and pay for a hotel room, order a drink or a meal, write an email/letter, etc.).
  • Acquire sales/marketing, negotiating and service-oriented skills as well as communicating effectively on the telephone (advanced level).
  • Develop cross-cultural awareness to avoid a failure of miscommunication that can have damaging effects on a business relationship.


Dr. Gabriele H. Cablitz German Tutor

Gaby has been teaching German as a foreign language since the early 1990s to students of various educational, social, cultural and professional backgrounds. She has a passion for teaching and learning languages and understanding different cultures. She has learnt to speak several languages fluently including a Polynesian language from French Polynesia. Since 1995 she has been engaged in doing linguistic and anthropological fieldwork on the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands documenting various endangered Polynesian languages and their cultural practices. She has received several research grants from the VW Foundation in Germany and the National Geographic Society to create digital language archives and produce pedagogical material for language maintenance and revival purposes. Gaby has presented her work and research on several international conferences and published her PhD thesis, book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

She loves sharing her knowledge about the German language and cultures, her experience and understanding of different cultures - in particular Pacific ones -, and she loves art, traveling, hiking, food & drink and has a particular interest in the historical period of the Weimar Republic.