Module Overview

TILT e-business syllabus

Focus on objectives and the end-user
• Understanding websites objectives and online business goals.
• Focus on customers, techniques for understanding target end users.
• Analysis and interpretation of online user behaviour.

Search and SEO
• The dominance of Search and its continuing growth, the international distribution of search engine use.
• Search Engine Optimisation and the implications for translators.
• Keywords: what are they, why are they important, how to develop and apply them.
• AdWords and PPC, Banner advertising and other paid online promotion.

Content on digital platforms
• Observing competitors’ online strategies and what to do with information, exercising caution.
• The increasing need for internationalisation of websites, localisation of content and the case for transcreation.
• Developing website content, considerations for translating.
• Content strategy, guidelines for content development and usage across a range of media.
• Anticipating and accommodating the end users’ situation, experience and literacy.

Translating for Social Media
• The spread of social media and its effectiveness as a tool for international communication.
• Internationalisation and localisation of social media strategies.
• Social media platforms and their application.
• Social Media and its influence on search results.
• Reviewing platforms and reputation management. 

E-commerce, Legal and Direct Marketing
• E-commerce and the opportunities for translators.
• Legal considerations across international boundaries and the translator’s role in compliance.
• Translating and managing Email marketing and e-newsletters.

• Transcreation: what is it and how does it differ from translation.
• Problems and opportunities of cross-cultural marketing, identifying key questions and the core message.
• Transcreation strategies for adapting to different target markets.
• Considering the ethics of content quality.

Images, other media and standards
• Dealing with images, considering suitability with potentially differing regional communication and connotations, handling alt-text and captions.
• Text content considerations for visual digital media and media distribution platforms.
• Working with Design and Website companies and agencies.
• W3C standards for website internationalisation.

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