Module Overview

 e-Business Skills for Translators

This module is designed for translators who want to enhance or develop their professional practice by gaining advanced skills in e-business translation.  Those who would like to offer a higher level of service to clients and agencies by providing added value and offering advanced translation skills relating to the internet and digital communication. Whose desire is to upskill, or to specialise in website internationalisation, in the localisation of online content, in multi-lingual social media campaigns and more. 


The student is likely to be:

Working in a translation business or trading as a freelance translator providing translation services to agencies or directly to clients.

While it is not essential, the participant is likely to have some experience working as a translator.  Having attended the Business Skills for Translators module would be an advantage though not a requirement. 

Improve employability and enhance economic viability by responding to the fast increasing demands of the industry and translation service clients.  Expertise in the field of website translation offers translators the opportunity to get more work, charge higher rates, and be more competitive.

Delivered by experienced tutors to workshop groups, this module offers support and motivation together with up to date insights and practical, actionable techniques, helping the professional translator to increase profitability and ensure sustainability in both the short and long term.

Module Outcomes

By the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Understand website objectives and business goals.
  • Appreciate target customer demographics, needs and tasks.
  • Apply online user behaviour research and concepts to text structure.
  • Use Search Engine Marketing principles and techniques to improve the effectiveness of target output in the digital environment.
  • Observe client competitor strategies, and understand their implications.
  • Appreciate the increasing need for translation, localisation and transcreation.
  • Develop and translate content for websites, social media, and email marketing.
  • Communicate effectively to clients, Translation Service Providers and other agencies in the Design and Internet industries.
  • Gain insight into how the broad range of end-user situation, experience and literacy influences digital content development.
  • Research target language and cultural destinations to develop a project strategy.
  • Understand how social media content influences search results.
  • Advise clients on cross-boundary legal considerations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of transcreation principles and practice.
  • Consider problems and opportunities of cross-cultural marketing.
  • Recognise opportunities for translators in the digital environment.
  • Provide appropriate text translation relating to image and visual media use.
  • Source information on Website Internationalisation Standards.

To find out more and enrol contact Rhiannon Egerton or complete the online enquiry form.