Module Information

Working as a freelance translator is both a great stepping stone to running your own business and a viable career in itself. For the uninitiated, there can be numerous hurdles to overcome on the way to starting and having a successful freelance translator career.
This module is designed to develop professional translators’ awareness of their role in the marketplace and provide them with the business skills required to succeed in a very competitive industry while maintaining a healthy life/work balance.

Delivered by experienced tutors to workshop groups, this course covers fundamentals for those who are new to business, together with insights and up to date techniques for those who may have more experience; including freelancers, business owners or employees.
This course is provided as a series of lectures/workshops for participants from translating companies, including self-employed or freelancers. Individual tutor support will also be available following the workshops via telephone, email or videoconferencing.

Module Aims
The primary goal of this module is to equip students with the broad range of skills and insights necessary to succeed in business or self-employment and to continue to be sustainable in the short and long term.

Intended Outcomes
By the end of this module, students should be able to:
• Plan and implement marketing using a variety of techniques both traditional and digital including social media
• Understand the concept of branding and how it impacts on business success.
• Effectively use costing, pricing and cash flow techniques to improve sustainability.
• Apply project, time and workload management techniques to their own scenario.
• Communicate and conduct themselves professionally
• Network efficiently and appropriately for business contacts, both in person and using social media
• Show an understanding of the concept of the supply chain and its impact on project management.
• Demonstrate an understanding of legal compliance for business.
• Manage workload, maintain motivation and work-life balance.
• Gain insight into the challenges of self-employment and business ownership


Nigel T Packer BM Tutor


Nigel T Packer

Nigel has worked with the languages sector for nearly 10 years. His knowledge of doing business in the translation industry is in demand across the UK and in Europe. He has professionally presented in the UK, France, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria at National and European language industry conferences.

With over 20 years working with the internet and helping private, public and third sector businesses develop he has become the “Go to” person for this essential knowledge.

His bestselling business book Internet Marketing: How to get a website that works for your business published by Constable and Robinson has sold all over the world.

Nigel also writes articles that have been published across the internet and in journals and business magazines. He is often heard on BBC Radio Wales discussing aspects of the internet and doing business on it.