'A clear synergy between teaching and research specialisms'

The Department of Political and Cultural Studies is delighted to have received excellent reports from our external examiners. Here's an example of what they had to say:

There is a clear synergy between teaching and research specialisms. . . Students at all levels engage with the academic literature and debates, demonstrating that they have found the work stimulating. There is clearly a strong commitment to teaching in PCS, which was reflected in the quality of the work produced by the students, some of which was outstanding and a real pleasure to read.

Dr Rhiannon Vickers

I was extremely impressed by the attentiveness of the markers to student work, and the usefulness of their comments to students seeking to improve their performance. 

Professor Nick Selby 

The evidence shows that War and Society programme is exciting and engrossing for students. It offers them the opportunity of approaching a series of issues, often uncomfortable but central to the contemporary world, using a variety of different academic perspectives 

Professor Clive Emsley

I have been continually impressed by the American Studies programme. It is run by a small group of engaged, committed and intellectually vigorous academics.  Students' work is of a very high standard, in part because they are engaged by the module choices and content, but also because they receive careful and detailed formative feedback on written work from the AS staff. 

Dr Andrew Wroe

I am happy to provide an extremely positive report for the BA Politics programme 2014/15.  High standards were maintained and there was a particularly impressive level of feedback provided on exams. 

Professor Peter Burnham