Political Analysis and Governance

The Political Analysis and Governance (PAG) research group covers political theory, comparative, national and sub-national politics, policy studies and political behaviour.  It currently covers the work in this area of ten staff: Roland Axtmann, Robert Bideleux, Mark Bevir, Jonathan Bradbury, Gerard Clarke, Mark Evans, Matthew Wall, Will Merrin, Nina Wiesehomeier and Yan, Wu. 

PAG focuses its expertise to make major contributions to research debates in two principal areas of research:

1) the interpretive and normative study of government and governance 

2) the quantitative and qualitative study of political behaviour

Research is concerned with normative debates in liberalism in theory and practice, and democracy and international governance.  It develops theoretical approaches to research on government and governance applied to both comparative and single country studies.  In conducting quantitative research PAG engages with ESRC priorities on quantitative research and the study of social diversity.  At its inter-disciplinary boundaries, work in these areas embraces research in media and politics, citizenship and social and political participation. 

PAG research includes a developing initiative in interdisciplinary research on Welsh Public Attitudes and quantitative research of the under-used post-1997 ESRC data on Wales; as well as public policy research and impact.  This research has impact outlets through the Welsh Government funded Public Policy Institute for Wales. 

The Group also provides a research setting for Visiting Fellow, Peter Hain MP (former UK Government Cabinet minister 2005-2011) and Hon Professor, Andrew Davies (former Welsh Government minister, 1999-2009).