National Assembly for Wales Internship

The module involves an internship placement in the office of a member of the National Assembly for Wales. The internship will run for the duration of the Autumn session of the Assembly each year. You will be required to work in the Assembly on the Tuesday of each week.

There are internship places with all four of the parties represented in the Assembly. The work will contribute to an understanding of the National Assembly for Wales and its political roles and relationships.

Neil Ronconi-Woollard, Communications Officer and Researcher, National Assembly for Wales talks about studying the internship module"

"I chose my course at Swansea because it was one of the few universities that offered an integrated politics, media and political communication degree.  As part of the degree I also took the internship module working in the Welsh Assembly, which changed my life.  Not only did it give me the chance to see behind the scenes at how politicians worked and how they got their message out to the public but it enabled me to draw on the knowledge and skills I had learned at the university and use them in the real world.  Four years later I can certainly say that studying Political Communication gave me a solid grounding in both politics and media studies.  It also set me up for a career actually working in public life as a political researcher and communications advisor."

Jo Edwards, Politics Teacher

"I chose to study Politics at Swansea University because the department offers a unique course; in your 3rd year you have the opportunity to take an internship module working in the Welsh Assembly, which is an amazing – and quite revealing experience! I had the chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ of Welsh politics, and to be quite hands on myself, writing press releases, researching for the AM’s speeches and meetings, and helping to table questions to be asked in Plenary. As part of the module, you have to do your own research and produce a report into Welsh Assembly policy as well – so you do have to get on with some work, but it’s very rewarding having the chance to get actually involved in Politics, as well as reading about it, and it’s fantastic work experience, particularly for anybody who wishes to pursue a career in Politics or International Relations."


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