Milne collection is among the largest of its kind

Milne 1Swansea University Library has a large collection of books relating to the American Civil War, which aids study and research. The Milne Collection has approximately 4,000 books pertaining to the conflict, as well as the Sectional crisis and Reconstruction era. It was gifted in 2010 to the American Studies programme at Swansea University by Civil War enthusiast and educator Mr. Allan Milne, of Cardiff, and continues to grow.

One of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom, the Milne Collection boasts an impressive assemblage of primary and secondary source materials that document many of the social, political, economic and military aspects of mid- to late-nineteenth century American history.

A riveting insight into the war

"Studying the Civil War has aided my overall understanding of the development of the United States of America. With detailed teaching and discussion, the module provided an insight to a number of narratives that construct Civil War history. From the soldier’s experiences to the fight of the women left on the home front, the personal emotions of the individuals involved in the conflict and nation as a whole were unraveled. A riveting insight into the impact war can have upon the human psyche."

Owen Sennitt

Georgia Gallon

“The module is so enjoyable because it covers all of the key issues of the war in detail, from the causes of the Civil War to the Civil War in memory and popular culture. Another great thing about the course is the Module Journal, which counts for 50 per cent of the overall mark. The journal helped me to keep on top of the work and made me look forward to the readings every week.”

Georgia Gallon