Gareth Powell, Chief Operating Officer, BBC Cymru Wales

Gareth Powell"What a fantastic welcome back to Swansea University! It had been many years since I walked through the doors of the main building – some things haven’t changed, but of course a lot has, not least the new campus development"


"The engagement of the students – from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests - was hugely impressive, a real appetite to question, to listen and to learn. It was a very rewarding experience for me and one which hopefully will assist the students in stepping out with greater confidence in the early stages of their chosen path, post university."

Phillip Green CBE

Phillip Green CBEI enjoyed returning to Swansea University as I look back fondly at my time as a student there. I was impressed with the questions students asked me and hope that, in return, they gleaned something from my answers.

It is an excellent initiative for past students to impart their knowledge and experience to current students, assuring them that everyone feels the same as they draw to the end of their studies. It is how you differentiate yourself from the crowd and follow your passion that will help forge a career for you. 

(Phillip is now Chairman of Carillion plc, Chairman designate of Williams & Glyn, Chairman of US industrial services company BakerCorp, and Senior Independent Non-Executive Director of Saga plc. Philip is also the Prime Minister’s adviser on corporate responsibility.)

Alexandra Willey,HR & Training Manager Biotec Services International Ltd.

Alexandra Willey2“It was a pleasure returning to Swansea University not as a student, but as a graduate in a position to provide an insight into the world of work to the undergraduates. The students who attended were clearly interested in how best to promote themselves in front of employers and how they can get their careers off of the ground. Having graduated a few years ago I could certainly relate to the uncertainty and ambiguity that surrounds job-hunting and what comes after graduation.


I hope that the SEA talk energised the students, bringing the realisation that you can be creative, optimistic, passionate and inquisitive even in business. Earning opportunities truly does pay off and it’s fulfilling too! Particularly with all of the help that is on offer at the University, I truly encourage the undergraduates to put their best foot forward in all future endeavours.”

James Snaith, PR and Marketing Co-ordinator, Swansea City Football Club

James Snaith 3“I love coming back to talk to new students at Swansea. It wasn’t that long ago I was in their position worrying about things like my next career move and future job prospects.   I think it is vital former students at Universities in Wales and across the UK make themselves available to come back to talk to current students about the paths they took, the positives and negatives about the life and career choices they made to help current students with their future choices."

 “For me, it is great to give something back to a University I have a lot of affection for. Talking to the next generation helps me build-up my presentation and public speaking skills and I hope the advice I give helps them with their future career decisions – even if just in a small way.”

Martin Spray CBE, Chief Executive, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Martin Spray2It was a privilege to be asked to return to the University to talk to students about my career path and to answer their questions.  I enjoyed meeting them very much.  It was very informal session and it was so pleasing to hear their aspirations and concerns and to be able to relate my experiences to them.


I hope that I was able to give an insight into the need to look for and to take opportunities as they arise and that the paths they may take to achieve their goals in life may not always be as planned.  I wish that the abil‌ity to meet and hear from past graduates had been open to me when I was at Swansea.

Andy Green, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Associate Director.

Andy GreenYou can take yourself out of Swansea but you can’t take Swansea out of you! Your time at Singleton Park is part of your DNA – your Delightful Nostalgic Affections. Mention the name and it stirs emotional connections and recollections of the experiences, learning and people that have helped shape you to be what you are.

So, when the Alumni team asked, ‘Can you come back and share what you can with current students’ – it was a no-brainer. I learned a lot from the inquisitive, eager younger minds of the students and hopefully they may have learnt the odd thing from me.

Giving a talk is actually more than nostalgia: it is about you continuing to grow as a person, and helping others on their journeys. Don’t wait for a call from the Alumni team – drop them a line and make your way back to Swansea to share your experiences. ‌