Telephone Campaign 2018

Swansea University Student Callers

student callers

Salman Tamaddon-Jahromi - PhD Student, Institute of Life Sciences


Salman Tamaddon-JahromiWhy did you become a member of the call team?

For almost 100 years, this University has introduced to the world, Alumni who have gone on to achieve great things. I joined the call campaign to be able to converse with some of them about their own unique student life and what they were able to gain from it.


What is it like speaking to Alumni?

What I found was that our Alumni were not only generous with their time - by encouraging, advising and connecting you to the career or life path that you wanted- but also with their giving towards The Swansea Fund; they understood how the fund mattered to all students.


Why would you encourage people to donate to Swansea University?

Swansea University prides itself for always going the extra mile for its students in order to give them life-changing experiences. It is not that without donations, the engines will suddenly run out of coal, it is that with that extra support from our Alumni, we can add more fuel to the fire; we can do more.