Saumitra Kamat

Saumitra Kamat Saumitra Kamat studied at Swansea University, achieving a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2005. He currently works as a Commercial Finance Controller for Dominos UK & Ireland Ltd- The MSG Group in London. Saumitra chose to study at Swansea because of its rich culture, excellent study facilities and the very good feedback he’d received about the course, especially the lecturers and the focus on practical aspects.

The areas of the course that Saumitra enjoyed the most were the exposure he received to management theories, and the application of those theories to his experiences. The library facilities were of great use, including the 24-hour access which made balancing studies, lectures and part-time employment easier. Saumitra also appreciated the vast amount of resources available at the library, including access to journals and management magazines.

Saumitra has over eleven years’ experience leading the financial / IT functions of various operations with up to 7000 employees and £1.5-2 billion in sales. Since October 2009, he has made cost savings of between £10m and £11m. Saumitra believes that the MBA course has given him an insight into the commercial world, and helped to develop a vision beyond IT and into other fields. He says that “Swansea University and the MBA programme always inspired me not to settle until you find the best”.

His advice to current students and new graduates is to plan five years ahead: “Think where you want to be in five years time and work backwards. Make a list of the things you will need to do to get there and keep revising the list”.

Saumitra is renewing his association with Swansea University by giving talks at the College of Business and Economics. He plans to share his experiences and successes with the students, and provide assistance to MBA students when choosing their dissertation topic.

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