Rebecca Steingass

Course studied: Sports Science

Graduation Year: 2014

Why did you decide to study at Swansea University?

The course at Swansea appealed to my interests prior to application, especially exercise physiology and psychology. For me, what made this course more unique were the additional modules of biomechanics and also engineering. This allowed me to explore and enhance my knowledge in a wider sense, giving me a broader choice of career paths in the future.

What did you enjoy most about your course at Swansea?

My dissertation topic in third year allowed me to become independent in my learning and it gave me an opportunity to undertake practical skills that I had learnt over the three years to earn a first class project. My dissertation also improved my research and critical appraisal skills, meaning I could read around a topic which interested me allowing me to gain a deeper understanding which I could later apply in my dissertation but also my job now.

What are you doing now career-wise? 

Health and Wellbeing Physiologist with Nuffield Health based in London. The role of a Health and Wellbeing Physiologist is to motivate and advise on lifestyle changes that can affect health parameters. Analysing areas including exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management helping people to live healthier lifestyles whilst reducing the risk for developing diseases including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

How has Swansea University and your course helped you with your chosen career path?

Choosing modules such as Human Physiology and Nutrition allowed me to explore and learn about the pathophysiology behind certain lifestyle diseases and prevention of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. It also exposed me to practical skills that are directly applicable to what I do now as a Physiologist.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

Motivating a behavioural change. As although it may be beneficial for someone’s Health and Wellbeing, understandably I can encounter denial or reluctance to make what they may perceive as a difficult adjustment.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

Seeing what a difference it can make to someone’s physiological and emotional wellbeing on follow ups or through feedback, after they have implemented lifestyle changes following attendance to a health assessment.

Please provide details of your career history and any professional accomplishments (published journals or books, awards, prizes or titles gained).

Level 3 phlebotomy skills, immediate life support training.

What was the best careers advice you were given?

Don’t settle and go for something that you truly want to be doing.

What advice do you have for current students and new graduates?

To enjoy your time at University making the most of the knowledge that is available through staff and resources, choosing a career that you are going to excel in and put time and effort to achieve. Above all enjoy Swansea and University living and all this has to offer.

What are your plans for the future?

There is great career progression within Nuffield Health with new opportunities that constantly allow for Physiologists to expand both clinical knowledge and operational skills. With a large number of sectors that a Physiologist can specialise in.

What have you done that you are most proud of?

Working hard to secure a job in a career that I enjoy and can constantly learn and develop in, furthering my knowledge in a number of current clinical areas to help improve health of an individual.

Tell us about your time living and studying in Swansea. What are your favourite memories of your university years at Swansea?

So many good memories, one highlight of each year had to be the annual Varsity against Cardiff. The whole university coming together to compete in a variety of different sports, so much pride and support for your university spread not only over the day but also in the build up to the event with the finale of the rugby in the evening always guaranteed to be a good game.

Living in Swansea has so many positives, it is a great balance between city and coastal living, with a number of picturesque beaches including Rhossili and Langland bay that were perfect for beach visits or surfing with my friends at any time of the year.

Interests and Leisure Activities 

Played 3 years for Swansea University first team in league and cup and now continue to play for regional club Eclipse Netball Club.  Also enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

And finally, describe yourself in 3 words…

Friendly, Positive, Dependable